Picking out your perfect match! No, not for dating… (4/27/19 Part 2)

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Its love at first sight. Smart, beautiful,and right there looking back at you. Do you make the move? Which Fits? – Part 2 Okay, okay, so maybe buying a new computing device isn’t quite a romantic comedy. But like signing up for a dating site, there’s some questions you should ask yourself about your perfect match! And we get into that. Windows? Mac? Chromebook? Tablet or Smartphone?

Its our Listener Mail Show! (4/20/19 Part 1)

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Its our Listener Mail Show! Sure, Jonathan and LD say its the Viewer Mail Show, but SAM writes the blogs! Hah! Viewer Mail, April 2019 – Part 1 Anyhow, we go through your emails, reading and answering them on the air! Did you know we use them for our show topics? We do! Anyhow, join in on the fun 🙂 Also, if you need a recap on how to clean your computer? Go: https://www.q-a.net/mauionline/2019/04/13/more-headlines-more-news-and-clean-up-4-13-19-part-2/

Catching up! Its an hour of NEWS! (4/13/19 Part 1)

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News, news, news. We missed a week (sorry! life happens!) so we need to catch up on the news! Time waits for no one, right? More News! – Part 1 We talk about SPACE and TELESCOPES and SUPER GRAPHICS and DON’T DOWNLOAD CHROMIUM EDGE YET! *phew* Ready to listen in? Also, don’t forget the deadline to win that SanDisk 480gb SSD is Friday, April 19th at 11:59pm! Email your questions, comments, and show ideas to mauionline@q-a.net to be entered in!

Updates! Keep’em Running! (3/9/19 Part 2)

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When you’ve got a car, be it brand new, used, or a hand-me-down, one of the first things you learn about is the humble oil change. Later, its new tires. Brakes. There’s a bit of upkeep to keeping your car running! Computers 101 – Updating! Your computer and devices are the same. The operating system plus programs and even hardware get updates from time to time. Some are fixing problems, some improve performance, others add features. But, how do you do it?

Internet Browsers 101: your gateway to the internet! (1/26/19)

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When you go online, your internet browser is your gateway to the internet. But are they all the same? No! Browsers 101 “But doesn’t everyone use ________?” No! So we talk about the basics of internet browsers! What’s the pros and cons of different browsers? Who are they meant for? And what is Google doing that is getting ad blockers mad?

2018 Predictions Show: Its time to score! (12/29/18 Part 1)

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Its our Predictions Scoring Show! Yes, at the beginning of 2018 we made some guesses (educated, wild, and out of nowhere). The time for reckoning has come, and we’re taking score! Some of our predictions include: 2018 Scorecard – Part 1 Apple will lose or settle the class action lawsuits against them regarding battery life and phone throttling. Space X or Orion will have a successful human launch this year. Augmented reality craze will slow, be a simmer versus boil. Too “faddy” to catch on. 1tb SSD drives will go below $199 on the low-end. USA astronauts will start launching to the ISS from Cape Canaveral this year. Facebook and online political ads will get more trickey and targeted this year, and will come from outside the country. Net Neutrality will not be a significant campaign issue. Optical drives will go the way of the floppy disc and zip: not on laptops, maybe on desktops.

2018 Predictions: How’d we do? (12/29/18 Part 2)

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We continue our mad parade of seeing how good our psychic powers of prognostication are! Predictions we made and covered this hour: 2018 Scorecard – Part 2 AI will be the complete and total fad of 2018 but nothing will pass the Turing Test. Cryptocurrency theft and mining zombies will be this year’s flavor of malware. A caller prediction! Alexa voice files will be hacked, and people will start getting very rude responses. One of the big password managers will get hacked and have to admit it publicly. SSDs will replace conventional hard-drives by the end of the year. One of the top companies (IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc) will report a major data breech. Maybe not in a timely matter, but they’ll report it. Crypto-currency will have a major correction, but there’s so much money it’ll continue. 1st year that energy costs will be a big concern. AMD and Intel’s partnership for CPU/GPU on laptops will be a big hit, but won’t be in anything except Macbook Pros so far as Apple is concerned. There will be no fully autonomous cars on the road this year. Apple will indeed start trying to make easier to develop iOS and MacOS apps, just like Microsoft has been and Ubuntu wanted to. Virtual reality will continue to improve, sell, but will not have explosive growth. 10-15% growth maybe?

Gifts for Geeks! (12/8/18 Part 1)

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Its the holiday season! Be it family, friends, or coworkers, chances are there’s a geek in your life. Maybe you’re the geek in your life 😀 Geeky Gifts! Here are some ideas we covered! Gift cards! Its safe, its easy, and its even usable immediately! You can get them anywhere, and even online to email to the recipient. Learning! You can check out classes with Q&A as well as UH EdVenture! Raspberry Pi – a small mini computer usable for many projects! For the DIY nerd in your life. And if they’ve never Pi’d before? You can find many books on the subject. Got a creative type? A DIY fixer-upper person? A 3d Printer would be a good idea! Know someone who works on electronics a lot? An iFixit tool kit would be right up their alley. Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers is a great price on a very expensive service. Know someone who is ready to learn?