Does Mars have a chewy center? (11/24/18 Part 1)

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Wait, what? Are you comparing Mars to a candy bar? Nee, a Mars Bar? Maaaaybe. Insight on Insight! But we’ll be talking about Insight, which should be landing on Mars on Monday, November 26th, 2018. First you heard of it? Well, frankly, we had a reminder from The Oatmeal (and he has a fantastic comic about it involving a mole). Want to watch? Maybe you can clear some time out this Monday! And NASA can help – check out And if you want to see the pictures of Venus that LD was talking about? You can find them at

Geeking out with the Slaters! (3/24/18 Part 2)

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The Slaters talk more about science, astronomy, and HAWAIICON! Never been to HawaiiCon? Maybe you could start looking! Talking with the Slaters! – Part 2 Just announced exclusively on Maui Online? Femi Taylor will be at HawaiiCon this year! Some of the books mentioned on the show today! Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Ready Player One – Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Hyperion – And a reminder of a good anti-malware utility!  

SpaceX and our Overlord Musk! (2/10/18 Part 1)

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SpaceX and the Falcon Heavy made the news this week, and for good reason! It was a very important test flight that was skillfully marketed with Tesla Roadster payload. Ask Our Astronomer – Part 1 So, what’s up with all that? What’s the big deal? Join Jonathan, LD, Sam, and our special guest Dr. Armstrong as we discuss the test flight in retrospect!