The European Unions EU GDPR: What is it? (5/19/18 Part 2)

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First, some context. Last year Congress used the CRA (Congressional Review Act) to repeal the Obama era privacy protections. The GDP-what? What did we lose from that? A quick read should catch you up! The EU’s enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation is beginning at the end of the month. Chances are you’ve been getting notifications from companies and sites you deal with for a while now, but don’t know why. Well, we talk about it today, and why we should watch its ups and downs! What do you think?

What to do BEFORE the emergency and DNS servers! (5/5/18 Part 2)

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We continue our disaster show by discussing preparedness! Alert Internet Surfer Perry also called in asking about disasters and pets! Plus we touched on Cloudflare’s free DNS server. More EMERGENCY! ASPCA how to prepare for disasters and your pets: Cloudflare’s DNS server announcement:

Ben will help you feed your brain! (4/28/18 Part 1)

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We’re on a learning EdVenture! Edjumacation – Part 1 Ben is visiting us to talk about classes and learning at UH Maui’s EdVenture. What’s EdVenture? Its learning for adults that you can fit in your evenings after work. They have classes on computers, language, business and more! Also: KHON2 announced  Zippy’s had a big data breach! You can read more at Furthermore, Zippy’s has a page about it:

Its so hard to say goodbye… to old PCs. (4/14/18 Part 1)

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At some point, your computer will die. E-Cycling, and What You Need To Do Maybe its a power surge. Maybe a component will give up the ghost and take the rest of the machine with it. Perhaps a rugrat will think computers like apple juice. Maybe its time to replace it for any number of reasons… So, what do you do when this happens? We’ll talk about that, and changes to the eCycling program here on Maui! Links: Ecycling

Keeping yourself safe with VPNs! (4/14/18 Part 2)

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With all the hubbub about Net Neutrality, privacy going the way of the dodo bird, and just general safety, we figured it’d be time to go over VPNs again! But, more to the point? Shopping for one! Privacy and VPNs Jonathan found PC Magazine’s list of the top 10 VPNs you can get right now, plus goes over what has to day!

Say “aaaaaaah”! (4/7/18 Part 1)

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As the world continues with the Facebook privacy debacle we ask ourselves, “have you checked your privacy settings?” Browsers, Privacy, and Facebook – Part 1 Whether you check your browser, Facebook, or Google account, its something you should really take a look at. What are you looking for and where? Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we take on this important topic!

Ever feel like you’re being watched? (4/7/18 Part 2)

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We take your calls (and boy do we love that!) and talk about what’s next for us and Facebook. What would you ask Facebook if you were in Congress? Where do we go from here? Browsers, Privacy, and Facebook – Part 2 Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they take your questions, discuss the issues, and generally have a good time!  

Facebook! Privacy! AAAAH! What’s going on?! (3/31/18 Part 1)

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So, Facebook’s data on you might be rented by someone. And maybe they won’t delete when they’re supposed to. Plus, really, what are they doing with it? WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Facebook, Privacy, and You – Part 1 Well, for starters follow the words of nerd Saint and philosopher Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.” Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they talk about this topic and more!

Geeking out with the Slaters! (3/24/18 Part 2)

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The Slaters talk more about science, astronomy, and HAWAIICON! Never been to HawaiiCon? Maybe you could start looking! Talking with the Slaters! – Part 2 Just announced exclusively on Maui Online? Femi Taylor will be at HawaiiCon this year! Some of the books mentioned on the show today! Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Ready Player One – Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Hyperion – And a reminder of a good anti-malware utility!