Star Stuff with Dr. Armstrong! (8/22/20 Part 2)

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A Talk with Doc Armstrong – Part 2 Meteors zoom by us all the time! But many? And how close do they get? Side note: If you want a piece of space-rock, you might want to check out Big Kahuna Meteorites on eBay!

Tik Tok and you don’t stop… (8/8/20 Part 1)

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President Trump signed an executive order concerning TikTok and its owner ByteDance, plus Wechat and parent company Tencent. But on top of that? Their subsidiaries and companies they have a business interest in might be affected too! TikTok and slippery slopes Join Jonathan, LD, Sam and special guest Danno! For more reading:,apps%20terming%20them%20to%20be%20prejudicial%20to%20the

Spaaaaaaaaace EeeeeeeeeX! (8/1/20 Part 1)

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Space X is going to SPLASH DOWN on Sunday! Their Dragon capsule has been up there orbiting the planet for two months, so its time to come home. Endeavor Voyages Home! How exciting! How awesome! And you can bet LD and Jonathan are really looking forward to it! Wait, what? You’re like Sam and have no idea what’s going on? Well, tune in!

Disaster Preparedness: Last Minute Edition (7/25/20 Part 1)

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In Hawai’i, before holiday season its HURRICANE season! Hurricane Douglas Same time of year, every year, and we always seem to forget about it. Well, here we are again! And from the archives?

Hacking of the State Sponsored variety! (7/18/20 Part 1)

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Aaaah, hackers. There’s been a bunch of hacking in the news! In this hour we talk about state-sponsored cyber-attacks. Analysis of alleged Russian Cyberatttacks on COVID Vaccine Labs Why do countries do this? Well, reasons vary, but here we go…! If you want some reading on it, here are some for you.

Hacking for Fun and Profit (7/18/20 Part 2)

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If you want fun and profit, apparently computer system hacking is a promising field! Analysis of the Twitter Bitcoin Hack Jonathan did a bunch of research so you can hear his thoughts this hour!

More Keeping The Kids Busy During Quarantine! (7/11/20 Part 1)

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Ready for summer? Things to Do Online! The days are longer, and kids don’t have school. Well, not even online! So, what to do?  And as discussed on the show! Do family fitness together.  Teach the kids about money.  Cooking together  Learning together   

Farewell Flash, we hardly knew thee. (7/11/20 Part 2)

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Macromedia Flash, later Adobe Flash. If you’ve been online since the 90’s, you probably know about Flash. Its being retired this December 2020, and will no longer be supported! We take a look at this iconic part of online history. Flash is done We talk our thoughts and memories, with help from a great article from Arstechnica! Now, Alert Internet Surfer Dan called in and tickled Jonathan reminding him about the Digicomp Mechanical Computer! Check it out!,into%20something%20that%20resembles%20a%20Jetson%27s%20parking%20garage.