Section 230: no, its not a Star Wars reference (10/17/20 Part 2)

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Jonathan takes on the Communications Decency Act of 1996. Its in the news again, and its a BIG topic. Section 230 – Why Should I Care? Particularly because there is an Executive Order regarding it and Social Media.

Politics, Twitter, and Social Media – bleh (5/30/20 Part 2)

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The Executive delivered an Executive Order about Internet Censorship this week — an order that is unenforceable. Executive Orders and Section 230 Normally we hate talking about these type of things, and this time it is no different. And of course, Sam is always keen to point out your ISP might well WANT to be the editor of your internet. A desire that is far more dangerous to free speech than a particular website or platform… Last but not least, we’ll let Mike Pompeo get the last word. Maybe these two should talk — Ryan Lizza (@RyanLizza) May 27, 2020 Oops.

Internet Browsers 101: your gateway to the internet! (1/26/19)

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When you go online, your internet browser is your gateway to the internet. But are they all the same? No! Browsers 101 “But doesn’t everyone use ________?” No! So we talk about the basics of internet browsers! What’s the pros and cons of different browsers? Who are they meant for? And what is Google doing that is getting ad blockers mad?

Net Neutrality & the CRA Update (12/8/18 Part 2)

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Net Neutrality update! Net Neutrality Update Its a marathon, its not a one-and-done, and we’re helping you to keep up with it. We firmly believe that low competition creates complacent, non-customer focused companies, and we’re not alone!

Cord cutting is great, but don’t forget your NETWORK! (9/22/18 Part 2)

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So, you cut the cord, what else is there? Well, you need the internet obviously! Networks, and Updating Them You’re going to want to make sure your home network is up to snuff for streaming, gaming, downloading, uploading, and more! Going to have guests? Got kids? Trying to save data on your cellular plan? All these things matter!