Working from Home! With Links! (3/28/20 Part 1)

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Many folks are having to work remotely versus going to the office and being around people. Are you one of them? First time to this experience? Fear not, we’re talking about it! Working Remotely Useful links for you!

Generalized COVID information and updates! (3/21/20 Part 2)

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Useful links! Useful COVID Links Snope’s general fact checking for COVID! World Health Organization site for COVID. Q&A on COVID (3/9/20) – Corona Virus Myth-busting – The EPA’s COVID site – Will that cleaning stuff you bought work on COVID/Corona Virus? Best to check! – The CDC’s website – Arstechnica’s comprehensive guide to Corona Virus/CORVID. A bit of science if you’re so inclined – Mental health is important!

Don’t be a Pirate! Yaaaaar! (2/22/20 Part 2)

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Computer piracy is probably more common than people admit. Especially in the business world. All those companies have tons of money, so no problem, right? Sorry, afraid not. Yarrr! Its illegal!  Obviously, yeah. You want to save some money, but it could get you in trouble with the law.  Employees (especially disgruntled ex-employees), even customers who know you’re pirating can actually report you with the possibility of getting a cash reward/bounty if you get busted.  The fines can be pretty bad (they’ve got rewards to pay out).  While unlikely, a software vendor could possibly request an audit to make sure you’re in compliance.  Its not safe!  Trojans, malware, and viruses oh my!   Many common programs have inexpensive alternatives, even free/open-source ones.  LibreOffice or OpenOffice (OSS).  GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus for some of Creative Cloud. Affinity and others for cheap.  Do you really NEED the big fancy name software?  Being paid/legit means you can get support from the company.  Important for updates.  Important for compliance within your industry (HIPPA). 

Windows 7 is Dead! Don’t Panic! (1/18/20 Part 2)

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No, really, don’t panic! But do have a plan. Still with Windows 7? What to do? Windows 7’s end of life is no secret, but it still snuck up on us. There’s always something more important going on. So, what’s going on? What to do? Just remember to don’t panic! You can also come to Q&A at 270 Lalo St #104 in Kahului or call in at (808) 871-5925 or (808) 243-7600. Monday through Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm.

The Price of Not Upgrading (12/7/19 Part 1)

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Sure, your old computer has been faithful. You’ve had it for years. But are you doing yourself any favors by keeping it? Upgrade or Replace? Old computers become harder to fix, more expensive to maintain, and software support gets harder to find. And lets not start about protecting it…! Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about the Price of Not Upgrading in this hour!

The Time Has Come for Windows 7. Now What? (12/7/19 Part 2)

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Windows 7 is being retired. It will no longer be receiving updates. Is it time to move on? Yes. Yes it is. Time to Change OSes Jonathan has finally been won over, and we talk why you should move over. Benefits of Windows 10, how to change the interface, and more!