Are you ready to leave Windows 7 and 8? (7/9/22 Part 1)

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Windows 7 was a great operating system. Windows 8? It depends on who you ask. Most PC users have two upgrade options: Windows 10 and Windows 11. Is it Time? – Part 1 So let’s talk about that! Windows Health Check app: Windows 10 system requirements: Windows 11 system requirements:

It’s our Summer 2022 prize from OfficeMax/OfficeDepot!

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Our friends at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot on Dairy Road is a fantastic SanDisk® Professional ArmorATD Portable External Hard Drive. From the website: USB-C™ (5Gbps) drive for quick content backup and storage. USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible. Premium, anodized aluminum enclosure for strength you can feel. Transfer rates of up to 140MB/s read and 130MB/s write (1TB and 2TB). Rain-and dust-resistant (IP54) enclosure with a 1000-lb crush resistance. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty so you know you have storage you can rely on in the field for years to come. You’ve heard us tell you about the importance of backing up, and this looks great for that! You can win this by sending us an email to with a question, comment, show topics, and notes saying hello!

Peripherals 101: USB and you! (5/14/22 Part 1)

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USB! USB! What is the state of USB? What is it? All Things USB We’re going to try and keep to the most current, relevant stuff, so no history lesson here. There’s enough stuff currently and more coming to keep us busy anyhow! If you take one piece of advice from Sam this show, then it should be “label things!” What do all these plugs look like? Need a chart? Current as of last year:

Life without a Microsoft Account? (5/14/22 Part 2)

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You get a new computer and it wants you to make a Microsoft Account. Yay? Do I HAVE to use an MS Account with Windows 11? Why would you want one? Why wouldn’t you? How can you NOT have one? Well, we answer that and more! Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we talk about that!

Peripherals 101: Video Cards! (5/7/22 Part 1)

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Video cards and GPUs (graphics processing units) are an essential part of your computer! All About That Video! Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a desktop or laptop*, you’ve got one in there. So we talk about that! And if this gets you asking more questions, you can shoot us an email to ask them at! Helpful links:,5844.html,4388.html

Word and word processing! (4/23/22 Part 1)

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The Word processor is one of those programs that most everyone will use at some point. So, we found a few tips for you to make the experience better, including not using Word! Word Processing 101 Find a keyboard shortcut cheat-sheet Windows keyboard shortcuts: Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts: Windows keyboard shortcuts: W10/11: go to Settings, System, Clipboard, you can enable “Clipboard History.” Win + V for Clipboard History Win + . for emoji ❤️ Word has a Focus feature so you can simply write with minimal distractions. Go to View then click Focus. Press Escape to get out of it. Add words to the dictionary! You don’t need Acrobat to make a PDF of your document! Classes are available via Maui Computer Learning! You don’t have to buy Word! for the free online version. Its more limited but more than enough for many folks. Also available on phones! Wordpad comes with Windows and is usable for basic use. Google Docs is pretty good, more robust than the free online Word, and free. Libre Office and Open Office are available for free! Macs come with iWork which comes with Pages, a nice little word processor.

We were the fools and forgot World Backup Day! (4/9/22 Part 2)

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Did you know March 31st is World Backup Day? And they do it at the end of March so you’re not an April’s Fool? World Backup Day 2022 We did. And we forgot. D’oh! So, we talked about it! Things to do, to look into, and to think about! And don’t forget our show archives have TONS on backups too!