Are You Ready To Change Browsers? (12/4/21 Part 1)

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How many web browsers are out there? A lot, actually. Comparing Browsers So, when if you’re ever unhappy with a browser, why stay? As such, knowing how to change browsers is a good thing! Changing will get easier in Windows 11. Eventually. Get Firefox! Get TOR! Get Chrome! Get Opera! Get Vivaldi! Get Brave!

Its Shopping Scam Season! (10/30/21 Part 1)

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Its shopping scam season! Shopping Scams – Part 1 While its scam season all year, the seasons change. Ready for holiday goodies for friends and family? Well, gotta be safe when you’re doing it! We talk about shopping scams this hour!

Windows 11 is now available! (10/16/21 Part 1)

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Now that Windows 11 is ready, the reviews are coming out! What does that mean for you? Windows 11 Update! Well, the TL;DR version of our opinion is “you can wait.” Arstechnica: PC Magazine: Anandtech overview: Thurott:

Win a Logitech z533 speaker system from us in our Winter 2021 drawing!

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Games, movies, music, everything sounds better with good speakers! Which most computer monitors don’t have, nor laptops! Our Winter 2021 contest prize is a Logitech Z533 2.1 speaker system! Left and Right speakers coupled with a good subwoofer? Holy cow Batman, that’s awesome! Our friends at Officemax/OfficeDepot on Dairy Road have donated this, and it could be yours for the price of an email! Send us questions, comments, show topics and more to! Drawing will be in December 2021!

New Apple Stuff! Is your wallet hurting yet? (9/18/21 Part 1)

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Apple just had a livestream showing off a ton of new stuff! New iPhones, iPads, new iOS… are you excited? Apple’s 2021 launch Ready to upgrade? Well, let’s chat about it!

Alphabet Soup for Displays & HDTVs continued! (9/18/21 Part 2)

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Are you ready to buy an upgrade to your HDTV or computer monitor? Are you confused by the random assembly of letters and numbers? So are we! Acronym Soup! That’s why LD insisted we talk about this more so we can get into that for you!

Monitors On Display! (9/11/21 Part 1)

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When you use a computer, it is by looking at the monitor! The display! Its one of the most important parts that most people don’t think about. Monitors 101 Its also a part that people tend to try and spend the least on. So, let’s talk about that! Best Buy’s monitor buying guide Tom’s Hardware “How to buy a PC monitor” Intel’s “What to look for in a gaming monitor” How to adjust your monitor’s image For Pros: How to calibrate your monitor

And we have a summer winner! (8/28/21 Part 2)

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We have a winner! Was it you? Viewer Mail – August, 2021 Our friends at OfficeMax/Office Depot donated a fantastic prize: weighing in at nearly $250, this Realspace high back gaming chair is awesome, super comfortable, and has sold out twice since we started the contest this time around! Some highlights: Did you know we talked with Mark Harmer of Harmer Communications about WISP? Show topic ideas from Alert Internet Surfer Gerald! Daneille Miller was on the show 2016 with great advice regarding social media. Check it out with Part 1 and Part 2! Questions about before and after ransomware attacks from Alert Internet Surfer John! Financial websites versus apps from Alert Internet Surfer Bill!