Listener Mail show! (4/21/18 Part 1)

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Listener mail! You emailed us, we’re reading it, and we love it! πŸ˜€ Viewer Mail, April 2018 – Part 1 For the past four months we took your emails, collected them, answered some of them on-air, used them for show topics, but today? We read them aloud, answer them directly, and generally have fun enjoying how awesome all of you are.

Facebook! Privacy! AAAAH! What’s going on?! (3/31/18 Part 1)

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So, Facebook’s data on you might be rented by someone. And maybe they won’t delete when they’re supposed to. Plus, really, what are they doing with it? WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Facebook, Privacy, and You – Part 1 Well, for starters follow the words of nerd Saint and philosopher Douglas Adams, “Don’t Panic.” Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they talk about this topic and more!

Home & Office Networking (2/3/18 part 1)

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Is your Information Superhighway in the middle of a traffic jam? Networking Info! While we often talk about your internet connection’s speed, what about your home network? Is it congested with everyone streaming music and video? Do you wonder where all your bandwidth went to? What can you do? Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they take this listener question about your networking and what you can do to improve it!

Home & Office WiFi (2/3/18 part 2)

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To heck with cables! What about wifi? WiFi Info! Glad you asked. We continue with our talk about home and office networking with regards to wifi. There’s some real alphabet soup in this area, so what does it mean? Why does it change? What’s important? Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about this and more plus take your calls!

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, November 18th – Part 1

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Net Neutrality, the FCC, and More! – Part 1 December 14th is a big day. Why? Its not Festivus (that’s on December 23rd). Its not Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, either. Its when the the FCC plans to attempt to repeal Net Neutrality (a subject we’ve talked about a lot!) despite what the public thinks or says. Do we get into it? Oh yes, we get into it and more. Do you want to get involved and help stop this? While the FCC says they’re going for it, we still have to try and stop them.