Your phone is watching you. Still. Is this news? (12/12/20 Part 1)

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Jonathan found a great article from a German, and wanted to talk about it. I Always Feel Like Someone is Watching Me… My Phone Was Spying on Me, so I Tracked Down the Surveillants ( So, while we sort of know our phones watch us? We never really dive into it. So, lets talk about it! On top of that, we had a caller asking about how to remove Adobe Flash! Uninstall Flash Player for Windows ( How to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player on Mac [Updated 2020]

Time for iOS/iPadOS 14! (10/3/20 Part 2)

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So, do you have an iPhone or iPad? Its time for the newest update! Don’t update yet, though! Wait for iOS/iPadOS 14.1. And we should mention that there is an iPhone settlement you might be eligible for… iOS 14 And to Sam’s delight:

iOS and iPadOS 14 is coming! We take a look at it this hour! (6/27/20 Part 1)

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Got an iPhone or an iPad? This is for you! iOS 14! Jonathan and Sam will be discussing the new stuff coming plus the upcoming changes to Macs while LD chimes in with his opinions. Ready?

Are you Authentic(ated)? (6/13/20 Part 2)

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2FA ought be a part of your digital life. Authenticate This! Yes, it is annoying. But, its not as annoying as someone accessing your account after stealing, hacking, or figuring out your login! Many sites and services offer 2FA via text message, but unfortunately that is the weakest form of it.  So, tell me about some of them…  Much like sports teams, the overall landscape does change from year to year, so what’s “best” this year might not be next year. This is a good thing, though. 

Zoom! It’s wildly popular with growing pains! (4/4/20 Part 1)

Sam Show Archives, Topics provides an increasingly popular web-conferencing service that people are using in this time of working from home and social distancing. But, like any good thing, this overnight growth spurt has some growing pains! This previously professional service is now being used for social connection by seemingly everyone, meaning the jerks have come along too. Zoom! Security – Part 1 Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we talk about some of the problems Zoom is having!

Working from Home! With Links! (3/28/20 Part 1)

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Many folks are having to work remotely versus going to the office and being around people. Are you one of them? First time to this experience? Fear not, we’re talking about it! Working Remotely Useful links for you!