Stupid hackers. We hates them. (5/15/21 Part 1)

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Stupid hackers. We hate them. Ransomware – Part 1 Listen in as we talk about the Colonial Pipeline. Spoiler: we do manage to go the whole show without saying “we told you so.”

Hospitals and scumbag hackers. There, we said it. (10/31/20 Part 2)

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Scumbag jerky hackers and ransom-ware. We hates them. Hostageware on the rise And yet, they don’t go away! So, what happened this time? Also, if you saw the lights in the Maui sky the other night but don’t know what they were?  

Don’t be a Pirate! Yaaaaar! (2/22/20 Part 2)

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Computer piracy is probably more common than people admit. Especially in the business world. All those companies have tons of money, so no problem, right? Sorry, afraid not. Yarrr! Its illegal!  Obviously, yeah. You want to save some money, but it could get you in trouble with the law.  Employees (especially disgruntled ex-employees), even customers who know you’re pirating can actually report you with the possibility of getting a cash reward/bounty if you get busted.  The fines can be pretty bad (they’ve got rewards to pay out).  While unlikely, a software vendor could possibly request an audit to make sure you’re in compliance.  Its not safe!  Trojans, malware, and viruses oh my!   Many common programs have inexpensive alternatives, even free/open-source ones.  LibreOffice or OpenOffice (OSS).  GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus for some of Creative Cloud. Affinity and others for cheap.  Do you really NEED the big fancy name software?  Being paid/legit means you can get support from the company.  Important for updates.  Important for compliance within your industry (HIPPA). 

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 30th – Part 2

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Malware Happenings In the “this is why we can’t have nice things” department, the business of malware is ever evolving. Jonathan brings us up to speed on some of the new developments in malware that the bad guys have come up with, plus some of what can be done about it. The good news is they’re moving away from hostage/ransom-ware. The bad news is they haven’t gotten real jobs yet.