Are you ready for the Transit of Mercury? (11/9/19 Part 1)

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Mercury will be passing between the Sun and the Earth! Are you ready for this? We talk with our astronomical guests Dr. Armstrong, Dr. She, and Tag! Transit of Mercury!

Dr. Tim Slater yacks with us about HawaiiCon! (7/27/19 Part 1)

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Dr. Tim Slater is an astronomy professor at the University of Wyoming and lives in Hawaii over on the big island. He writes college textbooks, he loves science fiction, and he helps run HawaiiCon Science Fiction convention! Prelude to Hawaiicon 2019 What’s going on for HawaiiCon 2019? Glad you asked! New guests, panels, continuing education for teachers, student scientists, cosplayers, gamers, and more! Its September 26-29, 2019 at the Kona Sheraton Resort! Find out all about it at  

Geeking out with the Slaters! (3/24/18 Part 2)

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The Slaters talk more about science, astronomy, and HAWAIICON! Never been to HawaiiCon? Maybe you could start looking! Talking with the Slaters! – Part 2 Just announced exclusively on Maui Online? Femi Taylor will be at HawaiiCon this year! Some of the books mentioned on the show today! Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Ready Player One – Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Hyperion – And a reminder of a good anti-malware utility!  

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 9th – Part 1

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The Great American Eclipse with the Slaters! Jonathan finally gets to talk about the eclipse! And more than that? This week we have actual scientists to chat with as well! Doctors Tim and Stephanie Slater join us for both hours of the show to discuss astronomy and HawaiiCon! Also, we talked about the Equifax security breach during the news. Were you needing a link to the FTC on how to get a free credit report? Are you the victim of identity theft?

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 9th – Part 2

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Hawaiicon with the Slaters! HawaiiCon is Hawai’i’s very own Science and Science Fiction/Fantasy/Fandom convention on the Big Island. GB Hajim and Patricia Tallman talked about it with us, but now? Lets focus on the SCIENCE! Doctors Tim and Stephanie Slater have joined us this hour to talk about HawaiiCon’s science track! What’s planned? Who is this for? Is it going to be fun? Join us to find out! 🙂

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, August 19th – Part 1

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Hawaiicon 2017 – Part 1 Its time for HAWAIICON! Sam went to HawaiiCon in 2014 after its successful Kickstarter and is going again this year. Jonathan and Tracey went last year and had a ton of fun! Even Dr. Armstrong has been there to have fun and to speak on panels! Naturally, we just HAD to get our favorite ambassadors of geek fun and travel – Patricia Tallman and GB Hajim -back to talk all about it! Have you heard about Hawai’i’s own Science & Science Fiction/Fantasy convention? Its next month, and we’re talking about it on the show! Ready for hour two? Click here!