Generalized COVID information and updates! (3/21/20 Part 2)

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Useful links! Useful COVID Links Snope’s general fact checking for COVID! World Health Organization site for COVID. Q&A on COVID (3/9/20) – Corona Virus Myth-busting – The EPA’s COVID site – Will that cleaning stuff you bought work on COVID/Corona Virus? Best to check! – The CDC’s website – Arstechnica’s comprehensive guide to Corona Virus/CORVID. A bit of science if you’re so inclined – Mental health is important!

Democracy needs time!

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The EFF has made a you might be interested in. Entitled, “Letter to FBI Requesting More Time to Respond to Proposed Privacy Act Exemptions for Next Generation Identification“, its quite a mouthful, but its also quite important. Give it a read, and decide for yourself if you need to make your voice heard!