Love it! Hate it! Stupid Facebook! (10/3/20 Part 1)

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Don’t you love it when things change? Facebook changes and Interface Discussion Windows, Gmail, Office, and untold others have changed how they look and work over the years. And now? Well, its Facebook’s turn! Jonathan has a few things to say about that. Make Facebook look like it used to! Customize Windows to look how you want it to! Facebook Messenger the website (no app required!):

Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, June 11th – Part 1

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Getting Noticed on the Internet! – Part 1 Today we had a fantastic talk with Danielle Miller of Miller Media  Management, Maui’s Social Media Marketing Coach! She talked about promoting your business via one of the best tools available today: social media! Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more! Hour two was fantastic! If you want to listen in, click here!