SpaceX and our Overlord Musk! (2/10/18 Part 1)

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SpaceX and the Falcon Heavy made the news this week, and for good reason! It was a very important test flight that was skillfully marketed with Tesla Roadster payload. Ask Our Astronomer – Part 1 So, what’s up with all that? What’s the big deal? Join Jonathan, LD, Sam, and our special guest Dr. Armstrong as we discuss the test flight in retrospect!

Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, May 13th – Part 1

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More Science with JD! – Part 1 Dr. Armstrong – our favorite astronomer – joined us after trips and science fairs and oh my! He gave us a great run down of current astronomy and scientific fun going on around Maui and the world. Want to know more? The Institute for Astronomy has archives of past public talks! Go to: Ready for hour two? Click here!