Listener Mail show! (4/21/18 Part 1)

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Listener mail! You emailed us, we’re reading it, and we love it! 😀 Viewer Mail, April 2018 – Part 1 For the past four months we took your emails, collected them, answered some of them on-air, used them for show topics, but today? We read them aloud, answer them directly, and generally have fun enjoying how awesome all of you are.

Geeking out with the Slaters! (3/24/18 Part 2)

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The Slaters talk more about science, astronomy, and HAWAIICON! Never been to HawaiiCon? Maybe you could start looking! Talking with the Slaters! – Part 2 Just announced exclusively on Maui Online? Femi Taylor will be at HawaiiCon this year! Some of the books mentioned on the show today! Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Ready Player One – Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein – Hyperion – And a reminder of a good anti-malware utility!  

Net Neutrality update! Daggummit! (2/24/18 Part 1)

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 Time for a Net Neutrality update! Net Neutrality Update The Net Neutrality repeal has hit the books. What does that mean? What could it mean? What can you do? SHOULD YOU PANIC? Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about this to help bring you up to speed with what’s going. Ready for more?

Meltdown & Spectre then Scoring 2017’s Predictions: Part 1 (1/6/18)

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We’re scoring our 2017 predictions! Scoring 2017 – Part 1 But first? We go over the now notorious, infamous, and slightly overblown CPU exploits called Meltdown and Specter affecting ALL modern computer processors. It doesn’t matter if you’re running Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, or anything else – if you’ve got a modern CPU? You’re vulnerable. Ish. After that we talk start scoring our predictions from the beginning of 2017! How did we do? Lets find out!