Its our annual Holidays and Scams talk! (11/28/20 Part 1)

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Its the holiday season! And thus our annual installment of Holidays and Scams! Holiday SCAMS! Charity watchdog sites Charity scams Charity Scams – How to Tell If a Charity Is a Fraud ( How To Recognize Veteran Charity Scams (

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, December 9th – Part 1

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Charities Online and Charity Scams! Its the time of year when we wish peace on earth and goodwill to man. Aaaand its also when scammers try preying on our better inclinations. This hour we talked about charity scams, and how you can protect yourself. In fact, we’ve got more links than you can shake a stick at! FTC’s Charity Scam page – FTC’s Charity Scam tips- Charity Watch – Charity Navigator – Guide Star – Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance –