Your art as a professional with Mr. Ben! (1/15/22 Part 2)

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Many artists are so busy with being artists that the whole creative professional side of things is scary. There’s a lot out there! Ranging from art thieves to NFTs and more, it enough to make you want to hide your brushes and sculpting tools. Digital Art w/Ben – Part 2 We touch on these subjects with Mr. Ben, our resident artist, teacher, and all around smooth talkin’ favorite guest!

Ben will help you feed your brain! (4/28/18 Part 1)

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We’re on a learning EdVenture! Edjumacation – Part 1 Ben is visiting us to talk about classes and learning at UH Maui’s EdVenture. What’s EdVenture? Its learning for adults that you can fit in your evenings after work. They have classes on computers, language, business and more! Also: KHON2 announced  Zippy’s had a big data breach! You can read more at Furthermore, Zippy’s has a page about it:

Learning on your own time! (4/28/18 Part 2)

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If you go by the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” philosophy? Then you know #7 is “Sharpening The Saw.” Self-improvement and self-care! Edjumacation – Part 2 Many people don’t have the time, money, or ability to go to an in-person class. So, what are your alternatives? Online! Go online! Find lessons online, meet someone for one-on-one, and more. Khan Academy Lynda Even Q&A here on Maui does tutoring! (243-7600 during the week)

Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, April 23rd – Part 1

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Computers 101 – So You’d Like to Learn More? The voice of Q&A, Ben Howard, joined us for a great continuation of our Computers 101 series! Are you ready to take the next or even first step in your computing education? Have no fear! Ben is here! Listen in as the guys talk about learning more about your computer, programs, and more! Click here to listen in to Hour 2: Apple Vs the Government!