It’s our Summer 2022 prize from OfficeMax/OfficeDepot!

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Our friends at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot on Dairy Road is a fantastic SanDisk® Professional ArmorATD Portable External Hard Drive. From the website: USB-C™ (5Gbps) drive for quick content backup and storage. USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible. Premium, anodized aluminum enclosure for strength you can feel. Transfer rates of up to 140MB/s read and 130MB/s write (1TB and 2TB). Rain-and dust-resistant (IP54) enclosure with a 1000-lb crush resistance. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty so you know you have storage you can rely on in the field for years to come. You’ve heard us tell you about the importance of backing up, and this looks great for that! You can win this by sending us an email to with a question, comment, show topics, and notes saying hello!

We were the fools and forgot World Backup Day! (4/9/22 Part 2)

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Did you know March 31st is World Backup Day? And they do it at the end of March so you’re not an April’s Fool? World Backup Day 2022 We did. And we forgot. D’oh! So, we talked about it! Things to do, to look into, and to think about! And don’t forget our show archives have TONS on backups too!

Digital Defenses 101: Backups (2/12/22 Part 2)

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Nobody likes eating their vegetables. Nobody likes doing laundry. Nobody likes emptying out the cat’s litterbox. Nobody likes backing up. Digital Defenses 101 – Backing Up It’s a dull, ordinary, boring task that nobody really likes doing, everyone should do, and often doesn’t get done.

REvil and Kaseya: Big Money in Malware (7/10/21 Part 1)

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Are you ready for more malware? Nope, neither were we. Kaseya, Malware, and REvil stuff But, alas, here we are.  

Protecting Yourself from Ransomware (5/15/21 Part 2)

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Are you ready for a ransomware attack? Ransomware – Part 2 Well the guys go over some of the basics on air for you! In short: Patch, patch, patch. Backup! Be careful! For those interested:

Backing up! Don’t do it just once a year! (3/27/21 Part 2)

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Did you know that your computer might have its own built-in backup program! World Backup Day 2021 – Part 2 Its true! Back up your PC! Backup your Mac! Back up your Android device! Back up your iPhone or iPad! Also, do you need a more robust backup plan? Hey, call Q&A about that!