Peripherals 101: USB and you! (5/14/22 Part 1)

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USB! USB! What is the state of USB? What is it? All Things USB We’re going to try and keep to the most current, relevant stuff, so no history lesson here. There’s enough stuff currently and more coming to keep us busy anyhow! If you take one piece of advice from Sam this show, then it should be “label things!” What do all these plugs look like? Need a chart? Current as of last year:

Backing up! Don’t do it just once a year! (3/27/21 Part 2)

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Did you know that your computer might have its own built-in backup program! World Backup Day 2021 – Part 2 Its true! Back up your PC! Backup your Mac! Back up your Android device! Back up your iPhone or iPad! Also, do you need a more robust backup plan? Hey, call Q&A about that!

Zoom! It’s wildly popular with growing pains! (4/4/20 Part 1)

Sam Show Archives, Topics provides an increasingly popular web-conferencing service that people are using in this time of working from home and social distancing. But, like any good thing, this overnight growth spurt has some growing pains! This previously professional service is now being used for social connection by seemingly everyone, meaning the jerks have come along too. Zoom! Security – Part 1 Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we talk about some of the problems Zoom is having!

Be secure on your phone! (2/22/20 Part 1)

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Got a smart phone? Did you know its pretty much a computer? You probably take security seriously on your computer, so you should take it seriously there too! Mobile Security! So, tips and links to help you out! Use a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint reader.  PINS and Patterns (android) are nice because you can change them, let other people know them if you need them to get into your phone, and you can change them.  Fingerprints and biometrics are convenient, but aren’t foolproof. Also, whether or not they’re protected by the 4th and 5th Amendments is unclear right now.  Encrypt your phone.  Its an easy way to protect your data, photos, contacts, and more.  It doesn’t incur much performance hit these days.  If you want to sell your phone, just resetting it doesn’t make your data unrecoverable. Encrypt THEN reset.  Don’t jailbreak/root your phone.  This is often done to add customizations or run pirated apps.  You can break the security of an iPhone doing this, leaving you with little or no protection.  Pirated apps from outside the official stores run significant risk of having malware.  If you use wifi a lot or travel a lot, get a VPN service. 

Lock boxes and Gambling… uhm… (5/18/19 Part 2)

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So, your friend plays a game. And in that game there are these boxes that show up. And they’re just a dollar (or so) to open. You could win some cool stuff if you’re lucky! No big deal, right? Loot! Well, it turns out they’re big money.

Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, September 10th – Part 2

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Samsung and the Splody Phone Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 has a battery problem, and is being recalled. If you haven’t heard before, we’re telling you now: RETURN IT! While details are on Samsung’s website, you should also consider taking it back where you got it. Click here for details on Samsung’s website! Also: Our good friends at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot in Kahului have given us a NEW PRIZE for our listener’s contest! Email us a letter, question, comments, a note saying hello to to enter to win a Western Digital My Cloud Mirror 4tb drive! Hook it up to your network and enjoy tons of mirrored backup! Did you miss hour one? Click here!

Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, December 12th – Part 2

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Windows 10, Android, and Phone OS How important are OS updates? Very!  Updates add features, which is great, but they also improve security by patching holes, reinforcing different areas, etc. So, how do the various smart phones stack up against each other in that regard? The answer might surprise you, but here’s a hint: the #1 smartphone out there has the worst time getting its updates out to users because of two major roadblocks! In this hour, we talk about not only this, but Jonathan throws us a quick story on the latest scammer to call him from “Microsoft”!