Government on the Web!

Jonathan Topics

We hear a lot of things the government is doing wrong, but there are some nifty services provided by the government available online.  We take a look at some of those services, from hurricane and tsunami watches to the public library, and a lot of things in between!

What *is* a computer?

Jonathan Topics

In this show we tackle a complicated question that sounds simple: What is a computer?  Computers are inside so many devices now, that what a computer really means to you and me has changed pretty radically.  Today Ben joins us as we discuss this, and what the future might hold.

It MUST be true! I read it on the Internet!

Jonathan Topics

Ed Moore of Inter-island Software joined us this week, and we talked about how important skepticism can be when seeking information on the Internet. We gave ways of minimizing getting tricked, talked about Snopes and other good sites, about looking at sources and confirming, and ways you can separate the good info out there from the rest.

Even 5000 years ago they knew it: don’t believe everything you read.