Fun with Space!

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Doctor J.D. Armstrong joined us today, and tossed about behind the scenes were links, links, and more links! Rather than keep all the fun to ourselves, we decided we should share! Consider it a sneak peak behind the scenes.

And of course, we must always remember that searching and exploring our world, our cosmos, is a wonderful thing. There are great things to be learned, beauty to be seen, and possibly deeper mysteries than we’ve ever known.

All Things Webby!

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Today we had Ben, our Web Guru, on the air talking about new and easy ways to create your own web content.  With Blogging software its never been easier to create a site — but that’s just the beginning.  Have a listen!

The Sky is Falling!

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Today we talked about meteors — both DA14 that missed us, and the unexpected Russian Meteoroid that got a whole lot closer.  We talked about incorrect information spreading on the net, comparisons to Tunguska, and what the human race can do about these potential powerful calamities.  Thanks to guest-star Tracy Latimer, too!

Testing New Stuff!

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In addition to some of the changes on the page here, we’re testing a new recording scheme for episodes.  Let us know how it sounds and works — you can drop comments to