Ed, and Behind The Scenes!

Jonathan Topics

We had Ed visit from Interisland Software and Computers, and had a fun time talking about all sorts of things.  We gave some stories about what’s happening in the back room of the computer store, surprising ways we sometimes can fix these devices, and talked about a bunch of other nifty geeky stuff.  Have a listen!


Podcast Basics!

Jonathan Topics

We were going to talk about Audio in general, but L.D. came prepared with all sorts of information about podcasting and webcasting, so that ate up both hours of the show.  If you’ve ever wanted to to a ‘cast like we do, here’ a great show to listen to.

You don’t need a computer to get HACKED!

Jonathan Topics

Today we talked about spam, and how the bad guys aren’t just hitting you in your email box — they are also after your mobile phone, and even trying to convince you you have a virus using a plain old telephone line!

Have a listen, and find out steps to minimize your risk, as well as telltale signs that these calls are fraudulent.  The first line of defense is YOU.