3D printing!

Jonathan Topics

It doesn’t have a name that strikes at the imagination — but what 3D printing can *do* should.  Today’s show we covered what 3D printing is, the amazing things it is being used for today, and what you may be seeing in the near future from this often misunderstood and not-so-fledgling technology.  Have a good listen!

Viewer Mail – 2013!

Jonathan Topics

We had our first Viewer Mail show of the year, and gave away that cool 64GB Lexar Jump drive!  We covered a wide range of questions, and some very interesting phone calls as well.  Check it out!


Jonathan Topics

Well — really it’s ten years and five days since we broadcast our very first show in 2003.  Since then, we’ve gone from a single hour to two, from no sponsors to a lot, from 4 listeners to at least 29.

So, as a special guest on this auspicious occasion, Mayor Alan Arakawa himself will be appearing on today’s show for the first hour!  We’ll talk to him about Tech in the County, and what he sees unfolding for Maui in the future!

For the second hour, we’ll be featuring many of the guests we’ve had over the years, and see where the conversation takes us.  We hope to hear from Ed, Dan, Tracy, Ben, and many of  the others who have helped make this show what it is (whatever that is)!

It’s been a great run, and here’s to decade number two!