Danno is back! Privacy, Net Neutrality, and more! (2/9/19 Part 1)

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Our Privacy and Security Expert Dan is back! And so we’re catching up on all the craziness that’s been going on as of late!

Dan, and Privacy and Neutrality and Culture and… – Part 1

Wow, we go all sorts of places.

Maybe we need Dan on more often, but catching up was a load of fun!


Office, Office, and Office! (2/2/19 Part 1)

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Office productivity software is a staple for businesses, schools, non-profits, and many households. Word processors, spreadsheets, even presentation software!

Which Office?

What’s out there? Well, we look into Microsoft Office/Office 365, LibreOffice, and GoogleDocs/GSuite for Business, talking about them and asking, “what about you?”



More Office and Learning it! (2/2/19 Part 2)

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So, now that you’ve got that fancy new Office software, how do you use it? And how do you learn the specific stuff you need but other folks don’t?

Learning Office

There are places on Maui to help you learn, plus lots of great resources online!

  • https://www.q-a.net/
  • http://maui.hawaii.edu/edventure/
  • http://maui.hawaii.edu/

Printers 101: we cover the basics! (1/26/19 Part 1)

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Paperwork, hobbies, crafts… printers are super useful peripherals for you home and office! Can they connect wirelessly? Via smartphone and tablet? What kinds are there? Prices? ARRRRGH!

Printers 101

We’re here to help! We’ll be talking the basics about printers this hour!


Internet Browsers 101: your gateway to the internet! (1/26/19)

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When you go online, your internet browser is your gateway to the internet. But are they all the same? No!

Browsers 101

“But doesn’t everyone use ________?”


So we talk about the basics of internet browsers! What’s the pros and cons of different browsers? Who are they meant for? And what is Google doing that is getting ad blockers mad?


Are You Ready to be MOONED? (1/19/19 Part 1)

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A supermoon? A wolf moon? A blood moon? Its all those things combined! Holy smokes! And we’re going to talk about it this hour!

We Like the Moon!

Need links? Here you go!

And regarding the Lojax rootkit (bad nasty ugly bad thing), you can find out more at: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/01/8-months-after-its-discovery-unkillable-lojax-rootkit-campaign-remains-active/


Computers 101: Peripherals, ergonomics & More! (1/19/19 Part 2)

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Computers 101! Computer basics for everyone!

Computers 101 – Ergonomics and Peripherals

This week we’ll be covering peripherals and ergonomics! Keyboards, monitors! What are ergonomics? Why, its got to do with how your body interacts with your work space and computer so it doesn’t hurt!

Listen in, and we’ve got some additional reading for you! Our friends at OfficeMax/Office Depot can help you with this too!

  • https://www.uhs.umich.edu/computerergonomics
  • https://www.thoughtco.com/setting-up-ergonomic-computer-station-1206666
  • https://ergo-plus.com/office-ergonomics-position-computer-monitor/