Hawai’i Winter Prize 2020! 1UP arcade machine from OfficeMax!

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Our friends at OfficeMax/Office Depot on Dairy Road in Kahului have given us an AWESOME prize for the drawing this April.

Retro-gaming is growing, and the classics are still fun! MSRP for the 1UP Space Invaders Counter-Cade is $235, but this could be yours FREE for the price of the email! Email us show topics, ideas, questions, and more to mauionline@q-a.net. The drawing will be in April!

Grade Them 2019 Predictions! (12/28/19 Part 1)

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We made predictions back in the beginning of January. Guess what? Its time to grade those predictions!

2019 Prediction Scorecard – Part 1

Care to listen to them? Here’s the last ones!


Its the intro to our SHOPPING SHOW! (12/14/19 Part 1)

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Its the holidays! There are sales! So, whether you celebrate or just need to upgrade, this is a great time to buy! We talk about how we decided which computers to talk about plus take your calls!

What Do I Need to Look For?

*Sorry but the last few minutes of this program were lost due to technical difficulties


We braved Costco and Officemax to find these deals! (12/14/19 Part 2)

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Photo Credit: Pascal @ Flickr

Its time to buy! And with the deals here on Maui, its a great time to do so!

Computer Prices On Island!

Are you upgrading to a new computer? Buying a laptop for a student? Do your folks need to replace a dying machine? This is your show!


The Price of Not Upgrading (12/7/19 Part 1)

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Sure, your old computer has been faithful. You’ve had it for years. But are you doing yourself any favors by keeping it?

Upgrade or Replace?

Old computers become harder to fix, more expensive to maintain, and software support gets harder to find. And lets not start about protecting it…!

Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about the Price of Not Upgrading in this hour!