Recycling and eCycling! Its time to clean up responsibly! (5/9/20 Part 1)

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Are you cleaning up the house or office and finding lots of old stuff! Well, ecycling is open! Jonathan called! Saturdays and Tuesdays! 

E-Cycling’s Back!

Can you spare some time to go looking for old computers, electronics, etc?

  • Can it still be used?
  • Can you clean it up and give it to someone?
  • Can you clean it up and SELL it to someone?
  • Are there parts that are still good? Can those be cleaned up and given/sold to someone? This has a LOT of “what about” and“if” questions , plus is a lot of work.

Time to Recycle!


Batteries 101! (5/9/20 Part 2)

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A tech reporter from Ananadtech did research finding that one smartphone company’s fast-recharge tech ages your battery prematurely. Wowzers! How do you keep your laptop, phone, and tablet batteries going for a long time?

The Battery Episode

Taking care of your laptop batteries!

  • Nickel-Metal hydride (NiMH) versus Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
    • Old NiMH batteries used to develop “memories,” where they would not fully charge. This was a problem with the tech at the time. Li-Ion doesn’t have this problem.
    • You do NOT have to completely discharge the battery before recharging a Li-Ion. Best practice is currently getting down to maybe 20% or so before recharging.
    • You CAN keep Li-Ion batteries plugged in as power management is better now, and the device should stop charging once it hits 100%.
  • Keeping it comfortable.
    • Batteries do not like to get hot!
    • If you’re doing resource heavy work, be sure to give your laptop (and yourself) a break now and then, letting it cool down.
    • Make sure it gets ventilation. Using a laptop on your lap isn’t that great for it, because you’re warmer than room tempurature! Likewise, you’re often making direct contact with it, unlike a table or desk.
    • Direct sunlight and hot surfaces aren’t great for it either!
  • Keep your laptop OS updated!
    • OS updates have security updates, but also performance and feature updates.
    • This can include improved drivers, updated OS components for improved battery life, etc.

2020 Q1 Listener Mail Show! (5/2/20 Part 1)

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Its that time again! Every quarter we collect your emails and letters, read them over, answer you when we get them, but save them for THIS SHOW!

April 2020 Viewer Mail – Part 1

Your questions, your comments, your topic ideas, and more!

Links as promised!


Scams, shams, and more of the same… (4/25/20 Part 2)

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Just like watching the weather, you gotta keep your eyes on those darn scammers. The bad guys have a terrible dedication to stealing people’s money! So, we have to be vigilant, like it or not.

Watch for COVID Scams!

Threats? Stuff that’s too good to be true? Guess what, its the bad guys after YOU!


News Catch-up Show! (4/11/20 Part 1)

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We’re catching up with the NEWS! After spending two weeks covering tips about staying at home, working from home, checking information and more? Yeah, we’re a little behind…

Headline News April 2020

Quick update from the EFF regarding securing Zoom:

Dell’s BIOS protection:


Its all Fun and Games…! (4/11/20 Part 2)

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Like games? Be it tabletop gaming or video gaming, now is a good time to try enjoy some or try some out!

Stir Crazy Yet?

Gaming stuff: 


Tabletop gaming Stuff! 

And a bonus link from LD? Meditation! He found the following from Sam Harris (author and neurologist): 


Zoom! It’s wildly popular with growing pains! (4/4/20 Part 1)

Sam Show Archives, Topics provides an increasingly popular web-conferencing service that people are using in this time of working from home and social distancing. But, like any good thing, this overnight growth spurt has some growing pains! This previously professional service is now being used for social connection by seemingly everyone, meaning the jerks have come along too.

Zoom! Security – Part 1

Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we talk about some of the problems Zoom is having!


Making your Zoom meeting more secure! (4/4/20 Part 2)

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So, we went over the problems Zoom has been having in hour one. Now? Let’s talk about fixing those problems! How DO you make your Zoom meeting more secure?

Zoom! Security – Part 2

Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we discuss this popular teleconference service!