Testing New Stuff!

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In addition to some of the changes on the page here, we’re testing a new recording scheme for episodes.  Let us know how it sounds and works — you can drop comments to mauionline@q-a.net




More Security with Dan!

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We had so much fun last week, we brought Dan back again!  This week we talked about passwords, good habits of security, and general privacy, as well as some great phone calls.  Download and enjoy!

Dan and JAVA

Jonathan Topics

This week we had Dan on, talking about security and your PC, but mostly talked about Java’s recent woes with security and our ultimate solution for most users: uninstall it.  It’s an important topic, so take a look.


Jonathan Topics

We had Tracy guest on the show and covered details about Internet Commerce, including pitfalls and mistakes often made while buying and selling online.  Download it, and tell us what you think!

CES and Backup!

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We talked some about the Consumer Electronics Show, and some stuff that was there and some stuff that wasn’t.  Ben joined in along with Sam the call screener, and some good calls came in, too!  Have a listen!