Video Cards 101: Work or Play? (6/6/20 Part 2)

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Did you know that your video card does real work? That’s right! Its not all video games!

Video Cards – Part 2

The humble web browser makes use of it.

Video Editing and other content creation makes use of it.

What the guys are looking at…

Jonathan has been looking over the Radeon RX 5700 XT video cards for himself. He like gaming and Virtual Reality, so its a good option for him!

Sam has been looking at the GeForce RTX 2060 for his video editing plus RTX Voice (AI-based noise removal). Probably not a buy for this year, but he’s good at waiting.

LD doesn’t game or do video editing. He enjoys streaming video and light internet surfing, so the video in his desktop and laptop are actually great! But, if he decides to start running multiple monitors or even setting his PC up to be a 4K home theater? Well, he might need to start doing some research. He’ll definitely want HDMI, maybe even DisplayPort, and multiple of each if possible. But more than that, he’ll want some great sound… that’s another show, though!