Batteries 101! (5/9/20 Part 2)

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A tech reporter from Ananadtech did research finding that one smartphone company’s fast-recharge tech ages your battery prematurely. Wowzers! How do you keep your laptop, phone, and tablet batteries going for a long time?

The Battery Episode

Taking care of your laptop batteries!

  • Nickel-Metal hydride (NiMH) versus Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
    • Old NiMH batteries used to develop “memories,” where they would not fully charge. This was a problem with the tech at the time. Li-Ion doesn’t have this problem.
    • You do NOT have to completely discharge the battery before recharging a Li-Ion. Best practice is currently getting down to maybe 20% or so before recharging.
    • You CAN keep Li-Ion batteries plugged in as power management is better now, and the device should stop charging once it hits 100%.
  • Keeping it comfortable.
    • Batteries do not like to get hot!
    • If you’re doing resource heavy work, be sure to give your laptop (and yourself) a break now and then, letting it cool down.
    • Make sure it gets ventilation. Using a laptop on your lap isn’t that great for it, because you’re warmer than room tempurature! Likewise, you’re often making direct contact with it, unlike a table or desk.
    • Direct sunlight and hot surfaces aren’t great for it either!
  • Keep your laptop OS updated!
    • OS updates have security updates, but also performance and feature updates.
    • This can include improved drivers, updated OS components for improved battery life, etc.