Don’t be a Pirate! Yaaaaar! (2/22/20 Part 2)

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Computer piracy is probably more common than people admit. Especially in the business world. All those companies have tons of money, so no problem, right? Sorry, afraid not.


  • Its not safe! 
    • Trojans, malware, and viruses oh my!


  • Many common programs have inexpensive alternatives, even free/open-source ones. 
    • LibreOffice or OpenOffice (OSS). 
    • GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus for some of Creative Cloud. Affinity and others for cheap. 
  • Do you really NEED the big fancy name software? 
    • Being paid/legit means you can get support from the company. 
    • Important for updates. 
    • Important for compliance within your industry (HIPPA).