Web Browser Extensions – making your browser better! (10/12/19 Part 1)

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The humble web browser is probably one of the most commonly used pieces of software out there. It works hard running web apps, playing videos, music,  and just getting stuff done. But, did you know you can make it better?

Browser Extensions

Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about web browser extensions: what they like, and more! Now, where do you get them? The browser’s OFFICIAL STORE. Its much safer than downloading from random websites!

  • NoScript blocks scripts, only allowing what you want!
  • Lightbeam shows you where your internet cookies are going for any given website. Where is your data going?
  • AdBlocker+ helps keep obtrusive (and sometimes dangerous) ads from driving you crazy!
  • NewsGuard is Sam’s favorite and only extension which helps him get initial gauging of websites.
  • Flash is one of those most popular plugins, but its dying! We mention this so you know.
  • Password managers abound, but get one from a reputable service.
  • The Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that will let you have a “Reader Mode” for websites!
  • Adobe Reader for PDFs!
  • Privacy Badger helps keep trackers from tracking you! It tells them “stop!” and if they don’t? It’ll block them!