2018 Predictions: How’d we do? (12/29/18 Part 2)

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We continue our mad parade of seeing how good our psychic powers of prognostication are! Predictions we made and covered this hour:

2018 Scorecard – Part 2

  • AI will be the complete and total fad of 2018 but nothing will pass the Turing Test.
  • Cryptocurrency theft and mining zombies will be this year’s flavor of malware.
  • A caller prediction! Alexa voice files will be hacked, and people will start getting very rude responses.
  • One of the big password managers will get hacked and have to admit it publicly.
  • SSDs will replace conventional hard-drives by the end of the year.
  • One of the top companies (IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc) will report a major data breech. Maybe not in a timely matter, but they’ll report it.
  • Crypto-currency will have a major correction, but there’s so much money it’ll continue. 1st year that energy costs will be a big concern.
  • AMD and Intel’s partnership for CPU/GPU on laptops will be a big hit, but won’t be in anything except Macbook Pros so far as Apple is concerned.
  • There will be no fully autonomous cars on the road this year.
  • Apple will indeed start trying to make easier to develop iOS and MacOS apps, just like Microsoft has been and Ubuntu wanted to.
  • Virtual reality will continue to improve, sell, but will not have explosive growth. 10-15% growth maybe?