Bad News and Fake News (11/10/18 Part 1)

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Look! Bat Boy is cheating on Marilyn Monroe with an Alien Elvis Clone!

It used to be that bad news was confined to the pages of the supermarket tabloids. Aliens! Secret Conspiracies with Lizard People! The Pope is a 1,000 year old Vampire!

Fake News! – Part 1

Likewise, some “news” were more sensationalist in nature. Remember Y2K? How many times have “its the end of the world!” come up as a headline? There might’ve been a kernel of truth or just an opinion at the core, but it got spun up to be more headline grabbing.

Now? Not only is it easy to find bad and sensationalist stories online, its exploded. Additionally, you can find anything you want. Got an opinion? Someone out there will cater to it. Chances are, there’ll be dozens of sites out there. Is it  fake? Is it bunk? Why would we make this up?

Oh, right, there’s money to be made.

Join Jonathan, LD, Sam, and special guest Tracey as we talk about bad and fake news!