You got to fight! For your right! To fiiiiiiiiix thangs! (10/27/18 Part 2)

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Say aaaaah…

You buy something, its yours, right? Common sense? Well, not quite. “Says who” you ask? Well, Apple and John Deer come to mind.

Right to Repair gets a boost!

First off, you’ll want to visit

So, there’s a movement fighting for your Right to Repair. There was a big win via the Library of Congress approving an exemption the the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allowing you to circumvent (“break”) the digital rights management of certain types of devices.

On a side note: there’s even an exemption that’s been made for online games that have shut down. Its really interesting, and quite relevant when you consider how many games are online only now!

US Library of Congress grants DMCA exception for preserving online games

You might remember Sam was a fan of City of Heroes, so this is pretty cool for him.