Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, December 2nd – Part 1

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Crowdfunding with Aaron! – Part 1

Many a great idea has been stopped dead in its tracks by one thing: Money. Or, more appropriately, the lack of it.

You may remember local boy Aaron Nakahara, both from our show here plus here and the Maui News a few years ago. He and his friend Chad Takahashi were making iOS games in their spare time, and having a great time with it. So, what’s Aaron up to now?

He’s working on a new project and is currently getting funding together for it. Is he selling his soul (and project) to someone? Is he taking out a giant loan? Is he recycling every can and bottle he finds? Nope.

He’s crowd-funding.

Aaron’s game, “Fields of Eleria” just started its Kickstarter campaign, and you can find it on Facebook as well. What does crowd-funding mean? What does it require? How much work goes into this? Is it something you want to look into yourself?

And more than that, what is this amazing game he’s planning to make?