Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 30th – Part 1

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Alternative Software Titles

We all know that a computer is no good without software. But sometimes there’s something you want to do and you don’t have a program for it. Then you go shopping and find out that piece of software everyone recommends costs hundreds of dollars to buy or even requires a subscription!

Tell us there’s a better way!

For most jobs there’s often lesser known, less expensive software out there you can look into that will do what you need it to do. Sometimes there’s even free and legal programs out there! For our first hour we’ll be talking about these alternatives to popular programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more!

  • Want help finding alternatives to software? Try alternativeto.net for suggestions!
  • Need a Microsoft Office alternative? Try¬†libreoffice.org
  • Photoshop’s price tag got you down? You can try GIMP for free from gimp.org or any number of alternatives!
  • If you’re ready to start making music, recording podcasts, or any other audio work? Audacity might be what you’re looking for! www.audacityteam.org