Q&A Presents: Maui Online! – Saturday, July 30th – Part 1

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FontCandy (4)All About Hawaiicon! – Part 1

Long time listeners know of our enthusiasm for science and science fiction. Between this morning at the fundraiser for the Maui Science Center and Patricia Tallman from Quest Retreats, we’ve seen a lot of fandom.

This week we’ll be wrapping that up with a special guest from Hawaiicon, the Big Island’s own Science and Sci-Fi Convention!

Joining us by phone will be GB Hajim – Chief Executive Officer and Convention Chair of Hawaiicon, anxious to get its third year started this September! HawaiiCon has proven to be very different from other conventions, as it is smaller and more intimate, but just as fun and engaging. Tour alongside big science fiction names, panels and workshops not just about sci fi, but science as well, gaming and Magic, authors and actors and cosplayers and scientists and much more!