Institute For Astronomy has an open house! (9/7/19 Part 1)

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Liquid nitrogen ice cream! Tons of telescopes! Science experiments! Talks and lectures! The Institute for Astronomy Maui is having an open house on Friday, September 20th!

IfA Open House! – Part 1

Are you a fan? Want to know more? Well, listen in! Dr. Armstrong (our fearless astronomer) chimes in and more!


Astronomy! What’s new? What’s cool?

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We’re continuing on with the IFA’s open house, plus very cool stuff besides!

IfA Open House! – Part 2

  • E=mc2: A Biography of the World’s Most Famous Equation –
  • Einstein for Beginners –
  • And a cool video about black holes!

Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? (8/17/19 Part 1)

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Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Hey Google are all great voice assistants. This is a good thing, and a very useful feature of modern computers, smartphone, and more! However, your voice doesn’t stop with you. It goes from your device to the internet and onto a cloud server somewhere “out there,” only to return back with instructions the device understands and executes.

Listening Up!

Oh, and sometimes people listen. Computers can’t figure us humans out entirely.

How to stop Alexa, Siri, and Google: (thanks Alert Internet Surfer Perry!)

How to stop Cortana:


And now for something completely different… (8/17/19 Part 2)

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Its a news show!

What’s News?

There’s been a lot going around, and we don’t want things to fall through the cracks. So, its time for our patent pending news show!


Yu-Es-Bee See? Whuzzat? (8/10/19 Part 1)

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USB, short for Universal Serial Bus, came about in 1996 because computers used to have WAY too many different plugs/connections. From USB 1 to 2 to 3 to… C! Wait, what?


USB-C is the newest member of the USB family, but its a different looking plug! In exchange for this small headache, do you get anything in return? You bet!



Dr. Tim Slater yacks with us about HawaiiCon! (7/27/19 Part 1)

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Dr. Tim Slater is an astronomy professor at the University of Wyoming and lives in Hawaii over on the big island. He writes college textbooks, he loves science fiction, and he helps run HawaiiCon Science Fiction convention!

Prelude to Hawaiicon 2019

What’s going on for HawaiiCon 2019? Glad you asked! New guests, panels, continuing education for teachers, student scientists, cosplayers, gamers, and more! Its September 26-29, 2019 at the Kona Sheraton Resort! Find out all about it at



Do you leave your house key under the mat? (7/27/19 Part 2)

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So, your local police department want help catching the bad guys. You want to help, right? But, to do so, they insist that you always leave your house key under a door mat so they can always have access to your house “when they need it.” They promise they won’t tell anyone about the key, and promise nobody will ever abuse it.

Back Doors, and Why They are Bad

Sounds great, right?

Law enforcement has been asking for weaker encryption and “back doors” in encryption for decades. They insist it’s only to get “the bad guys,” won’t get abused, and doesn’t really pose a risk to the public.

Bologna, you say? We agree. Join us as we talk about that!


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