Virtual Reality update for Summer 2019! (5/11/19 Part 1)

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Summer is staring us in the face! Well, chronologically. Its already pretty how. Good grief.

VR with Ben!

Anyhow, Mr. Ben will be talking about VR, new stuff going on, and uses for this technology! Yes, its not just for games!


Learning with Mr. Ben! (5/11/19 Part 2)

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Learning is a skill. Its a skill you can practice and improve, too. This is great since there’s online resources, books, and more!

Learning with Ben!

And its easier to learn when you can have someone who’ll help you along the way one-on-one! Ben Howard teaches at Maui EdVenture / UH Maui plus does private tutoring!

We also take your calls, because we love them!

Maui Computer Learning


New Prizes for Summer 2019!

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Our friends at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot in Kahului, we’ve got two AWESOME prizes for our summer drawing!

That’s nearly $200 worth of goodness thanks to OfficeMax! Want to enter? Email us questions, comments, show topic ideas, and more to!

Windows? Mac? Chrome? What’s the right fit for me? (4/27/19 Part 1)

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Would you wear a pair of high heels for a hike in ‘Iao Valley? Or go ballroom dancing in steel-toe construction shoes? Ever saw someone tap-dance wearing diving fins?

Which Fits? – Part 1

Even if its the best of what they are, the wrong shoes are simply the wrong shoes. Computers are no different, believe it or not!

Today we’re talking about Windows, Macs, Chromebooks plus tablets and phones! What do you need? Well, sit right down, and let us listen!

Oh, and if you’ve not seen Avengers Endgame yet? You might want to read this article by PC Magazine on how to limit spoilers!


Picking out your perfect match! No, not for dating… (4/27/19 Part 2)

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Its love at first sight. Smart, beautiful,and right there looking back at you. Do you make the move?

Which Fits? – Part 2

Okay, okay, so maybe buying a new computing device isn’t quite a romantic comedy. But like signing up for a dating site, there’s some questions you should ask yourself about your perfect match! And we get into that. Windows? Mac? Chromebook? Tablet or Smartphone?


Its our Listener Mail Show! (4/20/19 Part 1)

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Its our Listener Mail Show! Sure, Jonathan and LD say its the Viewer Mail Show, but SAM writes the blogs! Hah!

Viewer Mail, April 2019 – Part 1

Anyhow, we go through your emails, reading and answering them on the air! Did you know we use them for our show topics? We do!

Anyhow, join in on the fun 🙂

Also, if you need a recap on how to clean your computer? Go:


Aaaaaand our SSD winner is…! (4/20/19 Part 2)

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Our friends at OfficeMax/Office Depot in Kahului gave us a FANTASTIC Sandisk 480gb SSD as a prize, and we’re giving it away to one lucky winner? Was it you?

Viewer Mail, April 2019 – Part 2

Also, some links requested for the show!


Catching up! Its an hour of NEWS! (4/13/19 Part 1)

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News, news, news. We missed a week (sorry! life happens!) so we need to catch up on the news! Time waits for no one, right?

More News! – Part 1



Ready to listen in? Also, don’t forget the deadline to win that SanDisk 480gb SSD is Friday, April 19th at 11:59pm! Email your questions, comments, and show ideas to to be entered in!