It was a crap week. Here’s why. (1/9/21 Part 1)

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So, its been a helluva week.

Are We Sure that 2020 is Over?

And as such, we need to talk politics and tech for a bit. We sort of hate that. But here we are!

1st Amendment, options for platforms, the importance of Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act… we get it in a concise manner!


2020 Predictions: Who could’ve predicted that?! (1/2/21 Part 1)

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Well, its that time of year again! We made our predictions about 2020 last January, and now? Time to grade them! Egad!

Predictions Scorecard 2020! – Part 1

We also have to announce our new prize! Ooh, what could it be? Maybe its something to help with the COVID 19lbs? Why, yes it is! Our friends at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot gave us a great set of JBL Tune headphones! Noise cancelling, wireless thanks to Bluetooth, and can be yours for the price of an email!


2020 Predictions: we’re not quitting our day jobs (1/2/21 Part 2)

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Good thing we’re not picking stocks, right?

Predictions Scorecard 2020! – Part 2

Its time to grade our 2020 predictions! And how did we do? There was a huge monkey-wrench thrown into the mix, but hey, that’s half the fun!

And as promised, here is the Zinc air battery story! New battery chemistry results in first rechargeable zinc-air battery | Ars Technica


Your phone is watching you. Still. Is this news? (12/12/20 Part 1)

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Jonathan found a great article from a German, and wanted to talk about it.

I Always Feel Like Someone is Watching Me…

My Phone Was Spying on Me, so I Tracked Down the Surveillants (

So, while we sort of know our phones watch us? We never really dive into it. So, lets talk about it!

On top of that, we had a caller asking about how to remove Adobe Flash!


Anti-Trust and Facebook! Its a big deal! (12/12/20 Part 2)

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There’s always a rush to find the next big thing. The problem is when everyone flocks to it, they inadvertently create a monster.

The Facebook Monopoly

Facebook was the next big thing years ago, and yep, there’s now a monster.

But why? Well, glad you asked. We get into that this hour!


On Your Marks… Get Set… GO GET AN SSD! (12/5/20 Part 1)

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We like SSDs. That’s no secret. They can breath new life into an old desktop or laptop, extending its life a few more years. They can help you get the most out of your new computer. They’re great!

SSDs and why you want one = Part 1

But, did you know there’s THREE different types of SSDs? SATA, PCI-E, and M.2? And that not all computers can use all of them? And that there’s even different technologies behind them that affect both storage capacity and speeds?

We talk about that today! For additional reading:

Also, don’t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win an amazing Lenovo C32q-20 monitor! 31.5″ of amazing awesome from our friends at Officemax! 


More On SSDs: now and the future! (12/5/20 Part 2)

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We continue on with SSDs!

SSDs and why you want one – Part 2

This is the alphabet soup segment as we talk about SLC, MLC, eMLC, MTBF, and more!