Surprise! TMT information!

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We weren’t planning on it, but the first hour of the show featured an impromptu interview with Sandra Dawson, Manager of Hawaii Community Affairs for the Thirty Meter Telescope.  She outlined several considerations and misconceptions about the project.

Setting the TMT Record Straight

Several websites were mentioned during the course of the show, we encourage everyone to check them out:

TMT – Get the Facts

Hawaii Community Foundation

Pauahi Keiki Scholars Scholarship


But do you own it? DRM and you 101 (7/13/19 Part 1)

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When you buy something digitally, do you actually own it? Are you sure about that?

Do You Own It?

Wouldn’t it be a shame if it went up in a puff of smoke?

Many digital things you buy can get Digital Rights Management (DRM), be it eBooks, music, software/apps, movies and more. While its understandable for renting or borrowing, what about something you’re buying?

We talk about this and offer our thoughts on the matter!


The Kihei Fire followup: How was your disaster? (7/13/19 Part 2)

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Well, we’ve certainly been having fun here on Maui! Its been a hot, HOT summer, and while we escaped the 4th of July with no bad fires? It seemed we couldn’t stay lucky for long…

Disaster Preps Given the Test!

So, how did our disaster preparedness go? How did yours go?


R.I.P. Windows 7? (7/6/19 Part 1)

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Windows 7 will be passing away in January 2020. Sort of. In a meaningful way it is indeed reaching its end of life, but… uhm… yeah. Its simple and complicated and…

The End of Windows 7? – Part 1

Don’t worry! It won’t suddenly stop working on you!

But what does it mean? Jonathan, LD, and Sam explore that for you!


What’s the cost of moving to Windows 10? (7/6/19 Part 2)

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So, what do you need to consider when looking at Windows 10? Will all your hardware work? All your software? How much does this cost anyhow? Will it cost a fortune?

The End of Windows 7? – Part 2

Jonathan, LD, and Sam talk about this and take your calls!


The Fresh Perspective – Part 2

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Here we continue with our show, featuring Scott Henke from Onsite Consulting, in Colorado.

Scams are Universal – Part 2

The universality of the scam call is, unfortunately, very belivable, as we both tell stories of the terrific lengths the bad guys will go to sepearte you from your money.  We also talk about backups, and why an offsite backup continues to be a must.


Sound Hardware: when your audio is important (6/22/19 Part 1)

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Your computer’s audio is something that often plays second fiddle to graphics and processing power. Built-in audio, cheap earbuds or headphones,  web-cam microphone… can’t we do better?

All things Audio -Part 1

Why yes, yes we can!


You’ve got audio: now what? (6/22/19 Part 2)

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Are you make planning to make music using a home studio? Want to start a podcast? Narrate an audio book?

All things Audio – Part 2

What to do now?