Facebook: “Help! I’ve been hacked!” (4/10/21 Part 1)

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Hackers are awful. Let’s be blunt about it. They just plain old suck. What to do about it?

Facebook Hack 2021

Well, the be thing is to be pro-active and protect yourself. Listen in as we talk about LD’s issues with Facebook, a lost account, and how the bad guys stole it!


Be Careful What You Say and Share! (4/10/21 Part 2)

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Keeping safe online is a full time thing.

Careful what you Share!

Need a password? Sharing something? Well, don’t just the easiest thing! That’s what gets folks into trouble more often than not. Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam for a talk on this!


Backing up! Don’t do it just once a year! (3/27/21 Part 2)

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Did you know that your computer might have its own built-in backup program!

World Backup Day 2021 – Part 2

Its true!

Also, do you need a more robust backup plan? Hey, call Q&A about that!


Sold out! Out of Stock! D’oh! (3/20/21 Part 1)

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Ready to make or buy a new gaming computer? Or content creation workstation?

The PC Market, or Why Do These Cost So Much?!?

Sorry to hear that, but right now STINKS for that! Thanks to a shortage of high-end chip manufacturing capacity, crypto-currency miners, and a lot more folks at home? Now is a HORRIBLE time to try buying a new, high performing video card.

Eeek! We talk about that!


Lets make your Windows 10 computer better! (3/20/21 Part 2)

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Jonathan likes lists! And sometimes he finds a list he just has to share! Like a list of annoying things Windows 10 does that you can make better!

Win 10 Annoyances, and what you can do!

So, naturally, we have to share!



Browsers! Time again for Brooowsers! (3/13/21 Part 1)

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Whaddya mean they have new logos?!

Microsoft Edge is being retired for Microsoft Edge, now back on MacOS! Chrome came in as the fast, lean, and new browser, but now is sort of bloated and slow. Firefox joined a gym shedding weight, gaining speed, and is back in fighting shape. Opera went from being a scrappy indie browser to joining the cool kids. Egad! What’s a person to do?

Browser Wars, et. al.

Well, make sure you’re not using Internet Explorer, that’s what.

Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they talk about Browsers!



2FA? MFA? What the heck? (3/13/21 Part 2)

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A security researcher earned a cool $50,000 discovering a bug that hackers could and might even be using. A video game recently had its accounts hacked via brute force. Hackers are busy, busy, busy!

MFA’s the only way!

What can you do? Well, in addition to using good passwords, you might want to use 2-Factor Authentication. On top of that? Is Multi-Factor Authentication available to you?

What’s that? Hey, we’ve got a special guest who can answer that!


Got photos? You need Photoshop Alternatives! (3/6/21 Part 1)

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Photos! We’re taking more of them now than ever before! We can keep them, share them, and even print them onto a variety of things. But one thing that hasn’t changed is people often want to use Photoshop to do simple changes like resizing, touching up, and more.

Photoshop Alternatives

Frankly, you don’t need a bulldozer when you want to make a sand castle, right?

So, when considering an alternative consider how easy/simple it is to do what you need, how often you want to use it, and how much you’re willing to spend. Full-fledged Photoshop is $20.99 a month, so unless you’re making money? Best to find something cheaper!



NAS! NAS! NAS! What are they? (3/6/21 Part 2)

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NAS, or Network Attached Storage, are a useful thing to have if you’ve got a lot of data being used and stored at home or the office.

All About that NAS

Got smartphones, tablets, desktop computers and laptops? Hey, you should listen in!