Need Office Software? We’re talking about it! (2/13/21 Part 1)

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For work, volunteering, and school there’s no more a ubiquitous kind of software than office productivity.

Office Suites!

Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, its all common and useful stuff!

We talk about it a little!


Mars! Mars! Mars! WHOO! (2/13/21 Part 2)

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THREE Mars Probes!

China, NASA, and the United Arab Emerites!


Printers 101: Supertanks! No, they don’t wear capes (2/6/21 Part 1)

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For the longest time there were two kinds of printers you could get: inkjet printers and laser printers.

Printer Updates!

Inkjet printers were generally inexpensive but the ink would cost you an arm and a leg, get used up quickly, and would print fairly slowly. Laser printers would cost you an arm and a leg, and while getting toner would be pretty expensive up front it would last a long time.

A few years ago printer companies came out with a new type of inkjet sometimes called a “supertank” printer. Rather than having to go out and buy ink regularly, you’d get a large tank for each ink color that would only need refilling once in a great while. And the refills are cheap! But, these new printers are not.

We take a look at these supertank printers! Are they right for you?


Facts 101: Websites for Fact Checking! (2/6/21 Part 2)

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Photo by João Silas from StockSnap

Do you remember being in school and having to write reports? And how you had to go find then cite sources?

Facts 101!

Well, its a good habit! The trick with the internet is there is so much out there that’s true, false, partially correct, maliciously written, speculation, and more. Eek! What’s a person to do?

Well, Jonathan talks about that!


Scam Season is Year Round! (1/30/21 Part 1)

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Scams, Scams, Scams! Its one of the constants of modern life.

2021 Scams! – Part 1

Whether its trying to scam you regarding taxes, Adobe Flash, some piece of software you use, or tried and true “we’ve got money for you!”, scammers are still out there!

Heck, they’re calling by phone and faxing even! Good grief!

Listen in to Jonathan, LD, and Sam as they chat it up!


More on Scams! Don’t go nuts! (1/30/21 Part 2)

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Photo by Macro Mama from StockSnap

We’re talking about SCAMS!

2021 Scams – Part 2


Because, frankly? Hey, the bad guys don’t rest. So, we’re keeping you updated! Phone scams, fax scams (people do still get faxes!), email, “watch this for free online!” scams, and more! Bah!


Cord Cutting: Keeping It Organized (1/23/21 Part 1)

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Photo by Eneida Nieves from StockSnap

So, you’ve decided to do it. You’re cutting the cord. Good for you!

Cutting the T.V. Cord!

But now what? Well, you’ve got some options!


Have you backed up this year? Don’t forget! (1/23/21 Part 2)

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Do you back up? No?

Backing Up in 2021!

Let’s change that today!


NASA’s SLS is being tested! Biggest rocket to date! (1/16/21 Part 1)

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Photo by <a href="">SpaceX</a> from <a href="">StockSnap</a>

Photo by SpaceX from StockSnap

Today NASA is testing the engines of their SLS (Space Launch System) booster rocket.

BIG Rocket Test!

This is the biggest test for the project. Its being livestreamed, NASA is recording TERABYTES of test data, and Jonathan could NOT resist talking about it! Whoot!


The upcoming year up in the sky! (1/16/21 Part 2)

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Photo by Jess Watters from StockSnap

Its a new year and we’re looking ahead!

2021 in Astronomy!

Well, we’re looking up, to be more specific. Dr. Armstrong from the UH Institute for Astronomy is joining us this show! Plan on viewing those meteor showers, full moons, and more ahead of time!