Peripherals 101: USB and you! (5/14/22 Part 1)

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By Inductiveload – Own work (Original text: self-made, Solid Edge and Inkscape), Public Domain,

USB! USB! What is the state of USB? What is it?

All Things USB

We’re going to try and keep to the most current, relevant stuff, so no history lesson here. There’s enough stuff currently and more coming to keep us busy anyhow! If you take one piece of advice from Sam this show, then it should be “label things!”


Life without a Microsoft Account? (5/14/22 Part 2)

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Photo by Matthew Henry from StockSnap

You get a new computer and it wants you to make a Microsoft Account. Yay?

Do I HAVE to use an MS Account with Windows 11?

Why would you want one? Why wouldn’t you? How can you NOT have one?

Well, we answer that and more! Join Jonathan, LD, and Sam as we talk about that!


Peripherals 101: Video Cards! (5/7/22 Part 1)

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Video cards and GPUs (graphics processing units) are an essential part of your computer!

All About That Video!

Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a desktop or laptop*, you’ve got one in there. So we talk about that! And if this gets you asking more questions, you can shoot us an email to ask them at!

Helpful links:


Domains! Custom email and more! (5/7/22 Part 2)

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Don’t have a website? Don’t want a website? Then why would you want a domain? Glad you asked!

All About Domains

Whether it’s to get folks an easy way to your social media presence or to have the custom email address your business deserves, domains have something to offer you. And at a reasonable price!

Want to know more? Fear not and tune in!


Word and word processing! (4/23/22 Part 1)

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The Word processor is one of those programs that most everyone will use at some point. So, we found a few tips for you to make the experience better, including not using Word!

Word Processing 101


Recycling and eCycling on Maui! (4/23/22 Part 2)

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Got “old stuff”? You know what we’re talking about: old desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more? Well, time to talk eCycling here on Maui!

E-cycling on Maui!


April Showers make Astronomers sad (4/16/22 Part 1)

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Its our monthly visit from Dr. Armstrong from the UH Institute of Astronomy.

April Talk with Dr. Armstrong! – Part 1

And its raining. Booo. But will it clear up tonight? No telling!

So, while we’re warm and dry, Dr. Armstrong talks to us about astronomy!

Fun reading for you: