Maui Computer Learning

Q & A, Inc has long been a provider of professional computer support. For the last decade we have also provided the community with a classroom for a wide range of computer-related subjects.  We offer private classes for individuals and small businesses in order to train or retrain for computer operations. We tailor the curriculum to focus on what the student needs to excel in an electronic office environment.

Classes run at $100 per session (up to an hour and a half) and may include up to four students, allowing them to split the cost.

Some students will also require a laptop to use and practice with. We can assist with purchase, or even purchase a system for the student and teach them how to maintain their own computer. Purchasing and installing apps becomes a part of the classroom process.

Beginner Computer Classes:

We can work with students who have never used a computer before in their life. We cover the very basics from mouse control and using folders. A large part of the focus of beginning classes is to help the student get comfortable using the machine. Basic tasks including copy-and-paste and other standard computer operations are explained in detail to help take the mystery out of how computers work.

Word and Word Processing:

Basic word processing is covered from the ground up and can be taken through to advanced tools in Microsoft Word. It starts with basic data entry and formatting. Advanced classes include form letters and information from prepared spreadsheets, as well as formatting for professional documentation like grant proposals.

Excel and Spreadsheets:

We introduce students to spreadsheets and how they work. We also work with templates and can cover subjects like advanced formulas and pivot tables, depending on the student’s skills and needs.

Web Design and Internet Skills:

The Internet is a major part of computer use and communications, so time is spent on how to use the standard tools like search engines and online forms. If the student is so inclined, we can even go into website creation and maintenance, so a student can expend their skills, or even begin to support a business of their own.

Everything Else:

Other office apps can be included, such as Power Point and internet applications.  We also assist the student with creating a current resume, and make sure they have sufficient internet skills, including working with online forms and sending a variety of attachments. Some students have specific requirements or requests, and we can adjust their curriculum to include almost any computer-based skill set, from 3D printing to virtual reality tools.

Q&A will even use class time to help the student create their own resume and assist them during the job search process. Many companies use online application systems, so we will use class time to practice applications, and see how to control the modern processes for job application.

Our classroom is set up with video and audio capability, so online classes via Zoom or other online conferencing apps can be used. This allows a student with disabilities, or on other islands to still participate in classes.

We have had many years of experience training new students in how to become proficient with computers. We will customize the classes to fit the students needs and schedules. We will always be here for Questions and Answers, and to make sure the students are comfortable using the machines in their future careers.