Maui-Built PeleServers

The Maui-Built PeleServer is a fully configured powerful machine capable of serving even the largest networks. Utilizing the FreeBSD Operating System, the PeleServer is built to serve files to any Windows or Macintosh machine, provide outstanding automated backup services, and do so with little to no downtime. PeleServers have performed in excess of seven years without rebooting, and without costly upgrades.

Built with quality IBM hardware, each PeleServer is custom built and comes ready to integrate into existing networks. Each provides several backup options, and will provide secure, trouble-free performance.

As testament to the stability of the PeleServer, we have just officially retired the first PeleServer in existence. It’s track record: running for ten years straight without needing to reboot once. That’s right, ten years of smooth sailing without a single restart required. Not many systems can brag about this kind of reliability, so we’re kind of proud of this achievement.

Your PeleServer will be custom built for your specific needs, so prices and ocmponents will vary. New systems include much more memory and huge storage capacity. We have been building servers for years, so we have all of the tricks down pat. Here are two examples of the PeleServers currently running.