How Much We Cost

We have two rates that depend on where you want us to do the work:
On-Site: $150.00 per hour
In-House: $130.00 per hour
Computer Classes, Training and Tutoring: $90.00 per hour, up to four students

This means that if you want us to come to your location to fix your equipment, we will be charging the higher rate to include travel and transport expenses. If you are able to bring your computer in to us, then we will charge less. The only additions are a Hana Travel Fee added for making the trip out to the East Side, and any emergency rush jobs, especially on weekends and holidays, may incur an extra fee.


Computer Repairs and Upgrades On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Computer Training and Tutoring On Site: $150.00
In-House: $90.00
Novice Support and Hand-Holding On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Network Support On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Intranet / Internet Services On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Remote-Access Support and Repairs Remote Access: $130.00
We are Macintosh Compatible! On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Any Combination of above On Site: $150.00
In-House: $130.00
Hana Travel Fee $250.00 (flat fee)
Weekends/Emergencies up to +100% (surcharge)