Q and A, Inc is Maui’s premiere technical support company. Our office facilities are ready to service your desktop computer, laptop and network. Our technicians can also do on-site appointments to help your networks and any computing issues, home or business.

270 Lalo Street #104, Kahului
Phone: 808-243-7600

Monday through Friday
9am to 5pm
In Store Work: $150.00 per hour
On-Site Work: $180.00 per hour
to the nearest half-hour

We provide unparalleled service and technical support for your home or business computer systems, as well as tutor, fix, and simply explain these interesting little machines. We can build and maintain single computers or networks, and are familiar with both Windows and Macintosh systems. We are based in Kahului, Maui, Hawaii, and travel across the whole island, from Kapalua to Kula to Hana.