Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 21st– Part 1

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Have you heard about KRACK?

The KRACK Attack all That?

It stands for Key Reinstallation AttaCK, and its a security problem that’s been all over the place  this past week. How bad is it? How concerned should you be? We’ll talk about it and what you should do!



Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 21st– Part 2

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Ligo, Virgo, and two colliding Neutron Stars

What the heck was LIGO again? Was it something science-y? Or is it a typo for LEGO? Hmm…

In all seriousness, LIGO is an astronomical tool for detecting gravitational waves, and its had GREAT opportunity just recently! We’ll be talking about that and more about LIGO itself!


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 14th – Part 1

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Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update – Part 1

Microsoft has started the release of Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update! What does that mean? What’s in it? Jonathan, LD, and Sam go over that!

Prefer to read what’s in there?

  • https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/windows-10-fall-creators-update-lots-of-small-changes-and-maybe-the-revolution/
  • https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/10/17/whats-new-windows-10-fall-creators-update/#_edn2
  • https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/141660/comes-windows-10-fall-creators-update
  • http://www.zdnet.com/article/how-microsoft-is-thinking-differently-about-hardware-and-software/

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 14th – Part 2

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Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update – Part 2

We continue with a second hour discussing Windows 10 and the Creator’s Update! Also, Alert Internet Surfer Art called and asked Sam where he gets so much of his information! With some poking and prodding we got some of his favorite reading sites:

  • arstechnica.com
  • anandtech.com
  • neowin.net
  • tomshardware.com
  • thurrott.com
  • windowscentral.com
  • hawaiipublicradio.org
  • wikipedia.org
  • wired.com
  • polygon.com
  • gamasutra.com

He’s been reading some of these sites since 1998, back when he was in college. This doesn’t cover everything he’s read over the years, including magazines, books (For Dummies books are favorites), taking classes, or talking to folks who knew lots of cool stuff. We hope you’ll find some new sites to enjoy!


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 7th – Part 1

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Computer Price Check!

Its time for our shopping show! There’s a lot of great deals out there right now, so if you’re in the market for a new computer? Its a great time to buy! More than that, Intel and AMD are getting fired up with some excellent computer processors so you have better options than before!

So, what’s good on Maui? Jonathan and LD went around and found what’s at Officemax and Costco that’s ready for you to take home today!


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, October 7th – Part 2

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Chip Wars. Ryzen versus Coffee Lake

CPUs are the brains of your computer: doesn’t matter if its a desktop or a laptop, a Windows PC or a Mac, your machine has a CPU! Intel has been the industry leader since, well, there was an industry! Perpetual second place AMD sometimes surprises everyone, and their new Ryzen chips are offering tremendous performance for an excellent price. Is it for you? And how is Intel reacting? Most importantly, does any of this matter for you?


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 30th – Part 1

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Alternative Software Titles

We all know that a computer is no good without software. But sometimes there’s something you want to do and you don’t have a program for it. Then you go shopping and find out that piece of software everyone recommends costs hundreds of dollars to buy or even requires a subscription!

Tell us there’s a better way!

For most jobs there’s often lesser known, less expensive software out there you can look into that will do what you need it to do. Sometimes there’s even free and legal programs out there! For our first hour we’ll be talking about these alternatives to popular programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more!

  • Want help finding alternatives to software? Try alternativeto.net for suggestions!
  • Need a Microsoft Office alternative? Try libreoffice.org
  • Photoshop’s price tag got you down? You can try GIMP for free from gimp.org or any number of alternatives!
  • If you’re ready to start making music, recording podcasts, or any other audio work? Audacity might be what you’re looking for! www.audacityteam.org

Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 30th – Part 2

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Malware Happenings

In the “this is why we can’t have nice things” department, the business of malware is ever evolving. Jonathan brings us up to speed on some of the new developments in malware that the bad guys have come up with, plus some of what can be done about it.

The good news is they’re moving away from hostage/ransom-ware. The bad news is they haven’t gotten real jobs yet.


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 23rd – Part 1

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Backup! – Part 1

LD has been getting questions about backing up at OfficeMax, so its time for a backup show! A few things have changed (they always do), so listen in as we go over it. PC Magazine has reviews of different back up solutions for 2017, and Tech Radar has a list of 2017’s best free computer backup software!

  • www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2278661,00.asp
  • www.techradar.com/news/the-best-free-pc-backup-software

Also, we need to let you know that the eCycling in Wailuku will be closed for the month of October, but when its back? Its going to be awesome!


Q&A Presents – Maui Online! Saturday, September 23rd – Part 2

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More BACKUP! – Part 2

We continue with backups! We also received calls from Alert Internet Surfers from Maui and the Big Island! As promised, here are some links for them 🙂

For AIS Val: you have headphones for watching TV but need volume control? There are adapters that! http://amzn.to/2jUrs5H

For AIS Dave: you called and asked about Acronis! Want to learn more? Here you go! https://www.acronis.com/en-us/personal/computer-backup/